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Welcome to The Performance Mindset

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

We Inspire, Empower & Lead to deliver genuine improvements & outstanding individual, team & organisation performance.

In partnership with clients, we build strong, honest relationships to understand needs & agree a tailor-made approach to develop performance.

We understand the intimate relationship between mental skills & performance, to unlock your potential, innovation & outstanding performance.

Our mission, is to achieve your mission.​

How we deliver these results matters, & everything we do is under-pinned by our values;

Our values & people approach, naturally fosters buy-in, real change in behaviours & genuine cultural development.

This ensures sustainable change, development & improvements in performance.

The Performance Mindset develops mental skills, within a continuous improvement culture, to unlock potential, maximise natural abilities & enable elite performance.​

Mental skills, agility & resilience are required for peak performance, particularly in challenging times, but are often the missing component.

​The Performance Mindset re-balances this equation.​

We develop performance at an individual, team & organisation level​, to deliver your vision & objectives via our unique approach:

The Performance Mindset Programmes are:

tailor made for individual clients, based upon the 'Understand' phase, clients challenges, opportunities & objectives.​

people focused & value driven - we pride ourselves on asking the right questions to tackle the genuine challenges & land sustainable change.

designed to improve individual, team & organisational performance now & in the future.

Genuine & sustainable improvement is achieved through our people approach & the delivery cycle, to ensure its embedded throughout the organisation​:

This approach & unique blend of solutions, initiates real behavioural changes & genuine cultural improvements.

Performance Mindset Solutions

Mental Skills

Red2Blue develops the structure, process and mental skills required to help you perform when you need it the most.

Through simple tools & techniques, we enable individuals, teams & organisations to thrive under pressure, innovate & perform at their best.

Continuous Improvement

Systems Thinking develops how you operate, through radically challenging how you view your operation or 'system’.

​This enables real change to thinking, roles, process & decision making to achieve your purpose, within a Continuous Improvement culture.

Measure what you value

Value Measures develop a true picture of performance, aligned to both what you want to achieve & how you go about this.​

Value Measures drive the correct decision making, actions & behaviours, enabling a continuous improvement culture to achieve your mission.

Mark Fretwell, Managing Consultant​

Mobile: 07427 438891

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