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We understand the intimate relationship between mental skills & performance.

At times of crisis, transformation or stress, mental resilience is tested & can often be the 'make or break' factor.

Everyone is susceptible to pressure & distractions, but our simple tools & techniques, enable individuals, teams & organisations to perform when its needed the most.

Like any skill, mental skills can be developed, to support you in your professional & private life.

Red2Blue has enhanced performance in high pressure environments for over 20 years, in sport, business, emergency services, education & the armed forces.

To understand how we can support you to think clearly, make better decisions & perform under pressure - please get in touch.

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“we went from surviving under pressure,

to thriving under pressure”

Richie McCaw, All Blacks RWC Winning Captain

Mental Skills Coaching

Mentality is often only referred to in a negative context & as a character flaw. Therefore it is addressed as such, as a personal issue that needs fixing in times of crisis.

Despite wide recognition that mentality plays a crucial role in how we operate, behave & perform there is very little development delivered in this area.

Like any skill, mental skills can be developed to improve confidence, resilience & performance - but it must be developed as a skill.

Developing mental skills allows individuals & teams to maximise other skills sets, natural abilities & to perform at their best. 

Through our mental skills coaching programme we change perceptions, unlock potential, improving confidence & performance.


The Mind Gym


The Mind Gym plays a fundamental role in building the foundation for growth, in both individuals & teams.

Our skills based model is simple, practical & relevant, meaning it is easily understood so it can be practiced & applied when it's needed.

Whilst ideas create innovation, actions enable improvement - this is the principle of the Mind Gym & how it develops performance.

Performance Preparation


How you prepare to perform is crucial for success, & must be bespoke to ensure the highest performance on a consistent basis. 


We build capability at an individual & team level, and enable coach's to prepare teams to perform at their best when its really needed.

Mentality plays a huge role in the delivery of performance - we ensure you prepare to perform at your best & when its really needed.

Performance Delivery


Performance under pressure, clear thinking & decision making is what separates the good from the great.

Having the knowledge, skills & tools that can be applied 'in the heat of the battle' are crucial to perform under pressure.

Working with individuals & teams we empower them to deal with the challenges faced with bespoke solutions that work for them.

Performance Review


Self-awareness, honesty & responsibility are crucial for personal development and we embed this throughout the programme.

Reviewing performance, understanding what needs to improve & how to do this enables continuous improvement.


Our Prepare - Perform - Review (repeat) model provides a total performance solution to get the best from individuals & teams.  


The Performance Mindset