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How do you practically develop mental skills?

In the original blog (Why do we neglect mental skills?) we looked at the challenges & myths around mental skill development, and why this prevents its application.

The importance of mentality on performance, particularly under pressure, can not be questioned. The benefits, in sport & daily life, are far reaching & it enables individuals to get the best out of their technical, physical & tactical skills.

No other skill has such an impact upon the other elements of performance, so any improvement has a significant impact upon performance levels & consistency of delivery.

This is why the lack of mental skills development is puzzling.

So, how do you practically develop mental skills?

Skills Programme

To develop mental skills & make it ‘normal’ it must be integrated into training regimes, given the time & attention it deserves. This will maximize individual & team performance, allowing them to fulfil their potential by bridging the gap between what you see in training & what is delivered on match day.

Ownership & Leadership

It must be embraced from the bottom up, with clear ownership & driven by the leadership – exactly how you should for any priority. This enables you to embed mental skill development at an individual, team & organizational level within a continuous improvement environment.

Simple & Practical

High performance is a complex business, so practical simplicity is crucial, allowing you to practice & apply on match day. Having tools & techniques that are contextual i.e. relevant to the individual & moment, are crucial allowing them to be applied ‘in the moment’.

Measure Performance

Developing mental skills improves performance, this is not always understood or appreciated, & therefore it’s perceived it can not be measured. Utilising a ‘cause & effect’ approach performance can be measured at an individual, team & organizational level.

The need for mental skills development is widely acknowledged, but often sits in the ‘too difficult’ pile.

We can provide a tailor-made solution with the right approach, tools & techniques to suit clients needs.

This enables you to close the gap between potential & actual performance.

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