The Performance Mindset

Elite performance requires the mental skills to achieve it.

Developing your Performance Mindset, we empower you to fulfil your potential.

Within a continuous improvement culture, we enable outstanding & sustainable results.



The Performance Mindset enables you to integrate mental skills development into coach, player & team development, improving the learning culture.​ 

It enhances the Coach’s tool-kit, via practical mental skill development, to get the best from players technical, tactical & physical skills.

Mental skills are required to perform at the highest level & under pressure, but are often the missing component. The Performance Mindset delivers this for you.

Through the delivery cycle, we enable development throughout the club, to improve performance & achieve goals.

Game day can place individuals & teams under intense levels of expectation, scrutiny, and therefore pressure. 


We prepare them for what lies ahead, how to deal in the present & perform when it's needed the most. 

The 'process' prepares players, allowing them to transfer & apply knowledge on the pitch, increasing confidence & performance.

To enable this it must be simple & practical, easy to practice, with relevance to the individual & moment in the game.

Working with individuals & teams, we work on a 3-stage process - Pre, During & Post match day to support & develop players on a continuous basis.

Our tools & techniques include;

Game Day


Tools & techniques to assess if players are ready to perform on match day

Game Face

Player understanding of how to get the best from themselves

Peer Support

Enable team mates to support one another under pressure


Activities & language to ensure players are game ready


Techniques to stay in the present & perform when its needed

Hot Debrief

Understand what happened, why & learn from this


Mark Fretwell, Managing Consultant

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