The RTB Story

Everyone is susceptible to pressure, however mentally strong, & the challenge for everyone to perform at their best is an individual & unique one.

This is particularly challenging during times of change, crisis & transformation and that is where we excel. 


With over 2 decades of consultancy experience, delivering transformation, cultural & leadership programmes we are uniquely positioned to support you & your organisation.


Our goal is always to provide a tailor-made service designed around you & sustainable improvement in performance.

Programmes, tools & techniques are simple & straight forward, easily understood & develop capability to deal with unique traits & challenges

Mentality is often only seen as a problem & not a skill, therefore does not get the attention or time it deserves.


We can fix that, giving you the edge over competitors, enabling you to;

' Think clearly, make better decisions

& perform under pressure '

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One to One Development & Mentoring

Working directly with you, we will support your personal development, allowing you to maximise your natural abilities

We prepare you for the pressures ahead, how to deal with them & support you throughout your journey

1:1 Programmes are bespoke to individuals & designed entirely around your needs


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The RTB Approach

The RTB approach develops the structures, process and mental skills required to help you perform when you need it most.


Through simple, practical tools & techniques, enable individuals & teams to thrive under pressure and maximise their natural abilities.


Our focus is sustainable improvements in performance, which means we can work with clients over a period of time – but always tailored to your needs.

We prepare you for the challenges ahead, and through the programme you will be able to;

• Identify pressures & mitigate impacts upon performance

• Make mental skills development the ‘norm’ & part of daily life

• Recognise the signs of pressure in others & support them

• Get back on task & perform to the best of your ability

• Build mental resilience as individuals & as a team

• Become self-sufficient and achieve sustainable improvements

We would be delighted to discuss this in more detail & how we can support you to flourish in the future.

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