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Updated: Dec 27, 2019

We would like to introduce you to RTB, our approach & the benefits it delivers. We are passionate about the need to develop mental resilience as a skill, improve performance & make a sustainable difference to your organisation.

In all walks of life, top performers thrive on pressure. But all of us, no matter how good we are, have a threshold. We develop the structures, process and mental skills required to help you perform when you need it most.

Developing mental strength, resilience & thereby improving performance under pressure is what we are about. Unlike any other approach or training, via Red2Blue we provide simple practical tools that enable you to become self-sufficient & prosper in the future.

This proven approach has witnessed global success across many fields & sports, with corporate giants and sporting greats. Our focus is sustainable improvements in performance, which means we can work with clients over a period of time and enable you to flourish in the future.

With over 2 decades of consultancy experience, delivering large scale transformation, cultural & leadership programmes we are uniquely positioned to support you & your organisation.

"Think clearly, make better decisions & improve performance under pressure"

Mark Fretwell

Tel: 07427 438891



Mark Fretwell

Tel: 07427 438891

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