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ESC = Pressure

Expectation, Scrutiny & Consequences.

Whether you’re in the boardroom, workplace, classroom or on the sports field, we all face pressures. In the majority of cases, we know what pressures we are likely to face.

However, how often do we prepare & develop ourselves or our teams to deal with these ??

How often do you hear ...

“ control the controlables ”

“ keep switched on ”

“ keep a cool head ”

“ take the emotion out of it ”

“ don’t get distracted ”

“ stay on task ” etc. ??

But, how often do your hear someone explain or coach how to do this, particularly in the heat of the moment ??

The importance of mental skills & resilience is widely acknowledged, but rarely is it given enough time or focus, because it’s simply not known how to tangibly develop it.

RTB’s approach provides the ‘how’ via simple tools & techniques, enabling individuals & teams to maximise their natural abilities, when they need it most.


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