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In business, sport, education, all sectors & all walks of life - top performers thrive under pressure

In business, sport, education, all sectors & all walks of life - top performers thrive under pressure. Whether your in the boardroom, workplace, classroom or on the sportsfield; we can help you deal with the pressures this brings & be the best you. 

Everyone is susceptible to pressure & distractions, but we design strategies to prepare you for this, to recognise the triggers & remain on task.

Our simple tools & techniques, enable individuals & teams to thrive under pressure and maximise their natural abilities. So, whatever your field of expertise we would love to speak to you & discuss how we can support you.


We will help you make informed decisions, at the right time for the right reasons, to achieve your strategic objectives. In the boardroom & within daily operations, a cool head is often needed - Red2Blue provides this capability when you need it most.

We can support your cultural development, provide LEAN expertise, implement a Continuous Improvement philosophy & optimise your business performance.


Working with players, coach's & teams we develop your mental skills & performance under pressure. Our unique approach facilitates individual & team development, enabling team-mates to support one another.

Match day places individuals & teams under intense levels of scrutiny, we prepare you for this.

Working with Coach’s, via integration of mental skills development into training regimes, we enable you to coach the performance mindset & become self-sufficient.


We work with students & educators enabling them to deal with the pressures faced & perform to their maximum. Studying for & sitting exams can cause intense pressure, but we prepare you for this, providing the techniques to deal with these moments & stay on task.

Red2Blue also provides valuable life-skills that can be used in everyday life, as well as in the classroom & on the sports field.

The RTB approach develops the structures, process and mental skills required to help you perform when you need it most. Our focus is sustainable improvements in performance, which means we can work with clients over a period of months, or even years – but always tailored to your needs.

We would be delighted to discuss this in more detail & how we can support you to flourish in the future.

Mark Fretwell

Tel: 07427 438891



Mark Fretwell

Tel: 07427 438891

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