We understand the intimate relationship between mental skills & performance.

At times of crisis, transformation or stress, mental resilience is tested & can often be the 'make or break' factor.

Everyone is susceptible to pressure & distractions, but our simple tools & techniques, enable individuals, teams & organisations to perform when its needed the most.

Like any skill, mental skills can be developed, to support you in your professional & private life.

Red2Blue has enhanced performance in high pressure environments for over 20 years, in sport, business, emergency services, education & the armed forces.

To understand how we can support you to think clearly, make better decisions & perform under pressure - please get in touch.

“we went from surviving under pressure,

to thriving under pressure”

Richie McCaw, All Blacks RWC Winning Captain

Red2Blue Testimonials

Steve Hanson, All Blacks World Cup Winning Coach

“involvement with the All Blacks has allowed the team to grow greater understanding of how we can perform far better under pressure. This has let the team use their abilities to far greater effect & enhance the All Black legacy”


Richie McCaw, All Blacks World Cup Winning Captain

“we went from surviving under pressure, to thriving under pressure”


Graham Henry, All Black Coach (Rugby World Cup Final 2011)

“Having skills to go from red to blue or maintain the blue was pretty important”


Brian Ashton, the RFU’s National Academy Manager

“the U16 to U18 group has responded particularly well to it. For them it has been a fantastic introduction to improving their mental skills. Probably because it is squarely based on logic and common sense and not on ‘sports psychology’”


Roy Headey, RFU Head of Elite Support

“mental strength is best achieved through common understanding”

“Its simplicity is a huge advantage and the association with colour helps players memorise the maps more clearly. But it’s fun too which makes it highly enjoyable for the players”

Toto Wolff, Team Principle & CEO, Mercedes-AMG Petronas Sport “helped us shape our ethos, strengthen the resilience of our internal culture & unlock greater performance – the straightforward, practical & humble approach has been an important building block for the success of our team”

Senior Officer, Royal Gurkha Regiment, British Army

“We have incorporated your language in to our day-to-day activity. I hear ‘blue head’ and ‘stay on task’ being used routinely. At our recent battalion headquarters training we used your concepts and language continuously, and it worked. I found it useful to keep people on task and to operate effectively when under pressure or when the situation changed unexpectedly.”


Senior Officer, British Army

"it keeps people on task & operating effectively under pressure or when the situation changes suddenly"


Mark Fretwell, Managing Consultant

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